Plant-based and tasty, too!

Discover our no-meat meat products. They're not just for vegetarians!


New on the market SoFine

At the moment it's full steam ahead as we launch our new products under the brand name SoFine in Europe. In a few weeks’ time, you'll be able to find them here on our new website, where you'll see all of our products, delicious recipes and all kinds of ideas that make every day a feast.

At SoFine we think it's important that as many people as possible should enjoy plant based foods. Our dream is that everyone tries and uses alternatives to meat. 

The world's population is now growing so fast that it's high time to create good, healthy sources of food - in the interests of our own futures and those of our children. To do that, scientists worldwide recommend that we consume more vegetable protein and less animal protein. Our products are good for everything that blooms and grows! Great taste for the whooole world. Now and in the future!

SoFine Tofu Gerookt